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See Throwback Photo Of The Rev Sister That Decided To Get Married, Instead Of Sinning Against God (Photos)



If you could recall, news of a catholic reverend sister who quited by abandoning her oath of chastity to marry an officer once surfaced online, well today, she is been remembered for her action of getting married instead of sinning against God.

We all know that once you become a reverend sister, it means that you are vowed to celibacy. You will have no relationship whatsoever with any man. Some people maintain the oath of chastity while other might go about sinning. But this particular Rev sister is being applauded till today by some people for her bravery in accepting the truth about her inability to live without a man.

Instead of living in sin and strong denial, she decided on what will suit her to be able to serve her Creator better, with her whole heart. When it comes to the Roman catholic doctrine, and when it comes to ordaining Rev sisters, we have 2 type of vows which is Temporary and perpetual vows.

The perpetual vows is done 3 to 9 years after the Rev sister must have done the temporary vow, the perpetual vows are professed for life. But you can still leave if need arises. The Rev sister felt that she can still serve her Creator even as a married woman than to be committing sin.

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It was better to have left than to incur the anger of God upon her, and be deceiving people that she is clean whereas, deep down her she is not. She is been remembered today, for choosing to serve God as a married woman, than sinning against God as a Rev sister.

We should learn from her, because her life is worth emulating, you can still serve God as a married woman, and if you know that you will be committing sin as a single lady or Rev sister, it is better for you to go and marry. Because it Is better to be in a man’s house (married) than to be cheating in house of the Lord.