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See The Shoe A Pastor Wore In A Church That Got People Talking Online (Photos)



A pastor was seen wearing a female shoe while preaching in his church. Most of the things we think are impossible suddenly becomes possibly.

So many people who saw this photos on social media were lost in thoughts on how a pastor could wear a female shoe to preach in his church.

These photos were shared on Facebook with a title by a lady whose name is on Facebook.

Most people’s who responded to this photo have doubted if the pastor was a real man of God.

It turns out that this shoe is a member of his church and that he traded it for his shoes. Another photo at the top shows a member of the congregation taking off his shoes and treading on money as instructed by this priest.

However, this photo caught the attention of many Facebook users, allowing them to interact via likes and comments.

Here are some snapshots of the reactions: