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See Fans Reaction To Photo Of Ginimbi Sleeping On His Rolls Royce Before His Death



Devastated fans of the late Zimbabwean millionaire, Ginimbi have reacted to a photo of him sleeping on his Rolls Royce prior to his death.

Ginimbi seemed to have had enough love for his luxurious Rolls Royce, the car that killed him weeks ago while he was returning from a birthday party to his Domboshava residence..

In the photo which was taken in August 14th 2020, the millionaire was seen in a white bathroom robe, sleeping on his Rolls Royce in his garage. Sharing th ephoto, he wrote;

Just decided to take a quick nap on Rolls Royce next to a Ferrari 488

The photo has gotten his followers emotional as same wondered and wished he knew the disaster that awaited him in the future.

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