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See An Alleged Lesbian Marriage In Nigeria That Is Causing Public Reactions (Photos)



Marriage between people of the same gender is abhorred in Nigerian society. This is because our religion and culture negate the act.

National beliefs on marriage are the civil union of man and woman. It had been a precept in traditional, court, Christain, and Islamic weddings.

Any aberration to this normal is perceived as mimicking wrong western culture or behavior.

Though the western countries largely support the LGBT community, it remains illegal in the country.

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church expressed his support for homosexual marriages in a documentary film. Many Christians far and wide still strongly opposes the idea.

Recently in Nigeria, a judge in a Lagos State court threw out a case of 47 men charged with homosexuality for lack of diligent prosecution.

No doubt, homosexuals exist, they stay hidden since it is against the norm of our society.

Surprisingly, a lesbian couple appeared in public to allegedly profess their love for each other.

Their photos are circulating on social media. These two Nigerian women were alleged to get married.

The related images of the couple show them dressed in the same attire.

With one wearing black trousers, seemingly acting as the male figure.

These lesbian couples were inappropriately holding themselves, and also showcasing an engagement ring.

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The photos have generated different reactions. Many have formed their opinions about the photos and have shared their sentiments.

People have shown their displeasure in the uncivil union. Some called it a choice on the part of the women.

Others believe they showed courage by not being secretive about it any longer.

While some opined it was the emergence of Joe Biden as the President – Elect of the United States, that gave them the effrontery to appear this way in public.

See people’s reactions below:

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