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Salgaa Lodge: A woman dies inside a lodging after an “oversized” man crushed her womanhood



A woman in her early twenties found dead in lodging. The lodging attendant notified the Police officers and residents on Friday morning at Salgaa lodging.

The occurrence has puzzled the residents and flocked in to witness the incident.

Although it not clear what happened during the night, the girl’s male partner escaped before Friday morning.

The duo reportedly checked into the room on Thursday night.

Several photos from the crime scene show a blood-stained wall although there have been no reports of a commotion so far.

Molo Ward MCA Rachel Maru who raced to the scene confirmed the incident and asked police to ensure the culprit arrested and arraigned in court.

At the same time, she asked Kenyans to seek alternative conflict resolution methods instead of taking matters into their own hands.

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