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Remember Actress Sarafina? Meet Her Now And See What Happened To Her (Photos)



Leleti Khumalo, famously known as actress Sarafina by her stage name, is one of the most talented actresses in Africa. Leleti was among the great actresses featured in a popular movie known as Sarafina, which was produced over ten years ago. Sarafina movie was watched and enjoyed by many countries due to its interesting storyline. By then, Leleti was just a young girl who played her role as a school girl perfectly, leaving many impressed by her acting skills. Actress Sarafina became extremely popular after being featured in the popular show and has since gained popularity worldwide.

As seen in her recent photos, Sarafina has grown into a woman making it difficult to identify her, unlike in the movie where she was just a young girl at her early twenties. She is a happy married woman blessed with triplets but sadly, one of them passed away. Many only know actress Sarafina by name but aren’t aware what happened to her. Well, Sarafina is suffering from a certain disease known as Vitiligo, which affects one’s skin colour. Leleti wasn’t comfortable with the white patches on her skin and used to cover them with makeup. She later accepted her condition and she’s currently living happily with it. Below are some photos of Sarafina,

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In other stories, The episode starts with Vicky and William calling on Mejja to help them execute a particular task that’s known to them alone. Mejja tells them that the plan could be through by then, if it wasn’t for William who hesitated at some point. Finally, he accepted to carry out the elimination of Sandra. However, Sandra has been a thorn in the flesh for the Hausa’s family for a long period of time. She used her tricks to distabilize the family in the name of being in love with William. Moreover, the Hausa’s family is facing a lot of challenges because of Sandra’s evil intention.

Suprisingly, madam Vicky is seen going to visit Sophia in her house. Sophia is equally shocked to see her after responding to a knock at the door. She tells Sophia that she had gone to her simply to ask for forgiveness for throwing her out of the Hausa’s family. She also narrated how William has frustrated her and that all she wanted was someone to talk to and to listen to her. However, Vicky had been sent by Mejja to blackmail Sophia by just pretending to be very sorry for everything. Their aim is to get hold of Sandra and kill her because all that she has done to others, warrant her to suffer for her own misfortunes. Bondi, her close ascociate is dead and the next person to travel the same route is Sandra.

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