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Reasons Why You Should Not Date A Slim Lady (Details below)



Fat women have been always heavily criticized by our society over the years. This is mainly because there is a stereotype of the perfect woman, who, according to this society, should be thin and very beautiful, with a specific weight and even a particular skin tone.

Many chubby girls are refused by men throughout their lives precisely because of these prejudices. But men should know that a fat woman is one of the best things that can happen to them. You don’t believe us, right?

1. They are genuine

If you are looking for an authentic and real girl and who doesn’t care about what people think, try to date a fat woman. With her, you will be able to do whatever you want without being judged. They are the most honest girls on Earth, she will never pretend to be something else and will be with you forever.

2. They are not afraid of eating

Going on a date with a skinny date may be cheaper (green salad is not that expensive, right?), but also much more boring, than with a chubby girl. They will enjoy food as much as you do (eating alone is unexciting), they will even try your meal and they will have space for dessert in their stomach! Yummy!

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3. They are very tender and affectionate

One of the main characteristics of fatty women is that they care a lot and they are very loving something that pretty and skinny girls forget because they are focused on themselves. A fat girl doesn’t care too much about the appearance, and they will treat you like a king.

4. They are a wholehearted support

She will be right by your side in good times and, of course, in bad times. The main reason will be because she will love you unconditionally, no matter your look or because you are convenient for them. With her next to you, you will be able to face any problem.

5. They are smarter

They are pretty smart, and most of all, they are not afraid of expressing their opinions. Moreover, she will help you to make the best decisions and you both will be inseparable forever the perfect team! Scientific researchers say that all that fat that accumulates in the thighs and hips contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for the development of the brain.

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