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Police Officer Rejects Bribe, Warns Driver Never To Try It Again(Video)



A video shared online shows moments a police officer was being bribed by a Keke driver after he stopped the driver to make some checks, the incident was said to have happened in afternoon time.

The identity of the police officer is not fully confirmed but it appears as though he comes from the Volta Region and resides in an Akan community as he spoke Twi with a minor Ewe accent.

In the video, the officer stopped the vehicle commonly known as ‘Mahama Camboo’ to make some checks.

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He requested for the license of the driver, which the driver gave out with an amount of money embedded in it.

It could be clearly spotted in the video that the police officer instantly became visibly angry when he saw the amount of money, for which he asked the driver to park and wait.

Within a short moment, he was back asking the driver why he would do such a thing. At this point, the driver started to apologize.

The officer said, “Your money would not do anything for me, as I take more salary than you yourself. Are you aware how much I am paid a month?” the officer angrily asked the driver.

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The footage appears to have been secretly recorded by a passenger who was probably trying to catch the officer in the act of bribery but was pleasantly surprised instead

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