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Police Officer Captured On Cameras Harassing A Woman



The rivalry between the men in blue with the civilians is said to be among the unendless that we see everyday. This is not the first time we have witnessed police officers using the call of duty to harass the citizens and that is why you find that the battle never ends.

We can all recall when curfew was introduced as a measure to be used in fighting if the covid 19 pandemic in the country and we could witness police officers moreso in Mombasa county beating vthe resident mercilessly even those with young children and this was so heartbreaking since they were not like enforcing law but treating them inhumanely.

Today reports have been made about a certain police officer in Baringo county who allegedly was captured on Camera slapping a harmless woman and the video has gone viral in most of the social media platforms and citizens have reacted thy was justice for the woman.

Reports further state that this is not the first time that vthis woman vis assaulting civilians.

The citizens want justice for these woman since this isn’t the first time this man is assaulting others ndche should to taken to court so that he could pay for all of his crimes and this is going to be a lesson to all officers who take advantage of the citizens. There are many occasions where police officers have harrased the citizen but there bus nothing that has been done since they say that it was a way of defending themselves.

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