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Photos: Look what charm man use to catch their women when cheating.(Mogun)



Magun is the charm that most man uses on the wife to stop married women from cheating on husband. Magun has been used for centuries to catch a wife who has an extra marital affair or to put a promiscuous woman in checked.

The shocking part of this Muthi is that no man can climb of the Muthi has been on you.this charm is put on a woman without her knowing a stick of broom or thread is usually placed on the floor for a woman to walk over it once she walks over the thread the charm takes place.

Thinking in 2 ways on how it works

1 If a man have affair with a married woman that has been used on a charm the man will start to crow like a chicken.

2 A woman stick to the man and he can not be able to detach him from the women until the husband come or they die.

Is it a good thing to force someone to love you and end up using any kind of charm on them this can be harmful most of time we all know that leave your comments below in the comment section and kindly like share and leave a comment below.

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