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Our Vision Is to Fill Up The Gap in The Financial,Social, Economic System in Nigeria… Amb Michael Okoli



Our Vision Is to Fill Up The Gap in The Financial,Social, Economic System in Nigeria. Amb Michael Okoli.

Individuals, groups and organizations strive for financial independence but only few attain the financial freedom and operate in this sphere of influence once they discovered the strategy.

One man who has been mentoring people on how to attain the level of multimillionaire so that they can be financially independent is Ambassador Michael Okoli who is also the Chairman CEO La Buena Vida 2.0.

His goal is to reach out to 50,000 people by year 2024 and teach them how to make money and live good life through digital economy system. Over the weekend, the President of La Buena Vida Company, Amb Michael Okoli gathered few members to launch the secret to financial success he discovered 4 years ago. The all white launching on 9th November was that white to symbolizes purity.

A lot of businesses were affected because of the effects of lockdown as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Amb Michael Okoli was speaking at the launching in Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartment, Abuja that “At this post Covid-19, our vision is to fill up the gap in the financial social economic system in Nigeria” we will achieve this by helping people on how to leave a good life through Mentorship that’s why we’re opening the system to the world. It will be recalled that Ambassador Okoli did one million give away on his Instagram page to ease the pain of effects of Corona pandemic.

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