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Nobody Want to Marry Me Depsite My Natural Endorsement, What is Wrong With Me?- Lady Cry Out (Your Advice below)



How often have you ever needed relationship advice, maybe you have realised that nothing is going well relationship-wise?.

Well yes it happens to the best of us until we can no longer take it, leading us to taking decesions to share our personal problems and air them on social media.

This unknown lady took to her facebook account to seek advice and tell the world about what she is currently facing, she added her photos for viewing purposes and for people to understand what she means.

She posted Below;

“What do you think is wrong with me?

Nobody has ever wanted to marry me.”

Many people could have commented and gave her advice but it was way too early to see that.

The reason she probably shared this on public social media is that she does not have someone whom she can talk to, or either does she have a friend she can confide in. And that is my personal view, you may agree or disagree.

This lady is obviously worried about what is happening in her life, sometimes these types of circumstances are due to low self-esteem or previous experiences.

For her it is unknown but she is indeed worried and wonders why she has not been married as yet, for the fact that she is asking what is wrong with her.

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What do you think may be her problem?

Share your advice in the comments section below maybe it might help her.