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Never Put Toothpaste in Your V!gna, It Does Not Make it Tighter – Nigerian Doctor Warns Ladies



A Nigerian Doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo has warned Nigerian ladies to stop putting toothpaste in their v*gina, because it doesn’t make it tighter..

In a Twitter thread shared on his handle, Olufunmilayo warned against the practice, stating that it is harmful. He went on to enlist some of the dangers that ladies can be exposed to when they engage in such practice.

Read His Tweets Below;

“Toothpaste makes honeypot tight” NEVER DO IT PLS!!!! honeypot irritation Smelly honeypot Abnormal honeypot discharge honeypot/pelvic infections Difficulty getting pregnant. NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN honeypot NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN honeypot NEVER PUT TOOTHPASTE IN honeypot.

The problem with bad advice is that you can never tell how far it travels. And more often than not- it tends to travel a whole lot further than good advice. And when the damage is all done- Only the owner of the honeypot and her loved ones will be there to deal with all the mess.

Toothpaste is caustic, very toxic and really abrasive for a sensitive part of the body like the honeypot. You put yourself at the risk of irritation, inflammation, destruction of the normal organisms that protect your honeypot from infections and open up yourself to a lot of harm.

Once toothpaste destroys the normal natural organisms that keep your honeypot healthy, you become prone to infections- which then causes you to have excessive, foul smelling honeypot discharge and infections which can damage your tubes (and chances of getting pregnant) as a woman.

If you get a terrible infection- especially repeatedly- if you don’t learn your lessons quick and desist- The infection can ruin your tubes- You can later in life find it difficult to get pregnant from the blocked tubes- Or if you get pregnant- it may be in an abnormal place.

So ask yourself again- Is it worth it? To what end? This whole obsession with “tight honeypot” is very unhealthy and is driving some people absolutely insane. You need to really slow down and stop being eager to try adventurous nonsense ideas that can potentially ruin your womb.

I have said it repeatedly- The honeypot cleans itself, by itself, in its own way, with its own juices and remains sparkling clean – without needing any help from you. The body has an efficient effective system for this- and it does it flawlessly. That’s a real proven medical fact.

Problems most times start when people start doing all sorts with their honeypot. Pour soap inside. Wash with vim. Put honeypot pearls. Add some spices. Use some okro. Try some toothpaste. These wild woke silly nonsense ideas are some of the things that give a lot of women problems.

Your honeypot is tight enough. Your honeypot is good enough. Your honeypot is just perfect. You are fine as you are. Don’t let peer pressure and wild online claims of sexual wonder magic ideas or honeypot products lead you on a journey of ruin and regret. It’s not worth it. Thank you!”

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