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Never Plant This In Your Yard, See How It Got This Woman Swallowed By Snake (see pictures)



I know that we all want gardens in our yards and plant flowers to make the yard look so beautiful and special, and also we plant many kind of trees and some bear fruits, but some are there as a decoration to the yard.

But, we must look at the area where we live before we can plant whatever we want, because other things attract animals like snakes and others attracts other kinds of animals.

It brings us to this Indonesian lady who planted a green grass in her yard, but she did not take care of it like making sure that it does not grow beyond normal.

Then one day as she headed to the garden, she heard as if somethings was moving on the grass behind her and when she turned to take a look, that was when the 23ft snake attacked her and swallowed her whole.

It was her mistake, so do not let it be yours too.

What do you think about this story and this lady?

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