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Nawa O! Doctor And The Poor Couples Agreed And Sells They baby to a Childless Rich Couple For N2 Million (Your Thought on that)



A doctor in India kidnapped a baby boy from his homeless mum and attempted in sell him to a rich couple for £4,000 (roughly N2 million).The doctor and his two accomplices are believed to have abducted the four-month-old from his depressed mother after searching the slums of Mumbai for victims.The three of them went away with the infant in a rickshaw and sold him to a childless couple in an upmarket neighbourhood for £4,000, according to the Mumbai Mirror.Dr Mohammed Nasruddin Bashiruddin had informed the couple that he could get them a baby in exchange for money.According to reports he then promised Mahesh Ditty the equivalent of £2,500 to carry out the kidnapping.Rickshaw driver Ramesh Vyampati was paid only £300 for his role in the abduction.Police authorities told the Mumbai Mirror: “The duo kidnapped the boy, took him to Telangana and handed him over to Nasruddin.“As per the couple, Nasruddin told them that someone was willing to give up their child as they were poor and needed the money.”Cops rescued and returned the infant with his mother after she told them that her son had gone missing on November 11.The three men, all from Telangana, southern India, have been charged under the Indian Penal Code.Cases of child abduction in Mumbai have increasing by a drastic 250 per cent over the past five years, according to the National Crime Records Bureau.A report from the NCRB also revealed that kidnapping accounted for 55 per cent of crimes against children in the city in 2019.

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