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My Sexuality Is None Of Your Business, Aisha Yesufu Slams Those Referring To Her As A Gay Rights Activist



Socio-political commentator, Aisha Yesufu has reacted to certain reports that she is a gay rights activist weaponized by the West to destroy the country.

In a post on her Twitter page, the activist stated that her sexuality and sexual orientation is no one’s business, and whatever she does with her body, she’s not answerable to anyone’s opinion.

She also stated that she had no concern as yo what two consenting adults decide to do with their body.

“A journalist asked me to defend myself against allegations that I was a gay rights activist & I said me, Aisha Yesufu defend myself before anyone? If I am gay I would not need anyone’s permission to live my life and if Nigerian govt arrest me I will continue in prison. Nonsense.

“You think I care that they have a 10 minute video production by some unknown Islamic channel saying I am gay rights activist sponsored by west? It is their personal business. Gay people and others have equally called me homophobic, it is their personal business also. I am me!

“The way you have no business with my sexuality is the way I have no business with your sexuality. I grew up seeing same sex marriage & at 46 it is non of my freaking business what you get up to! My religion forbids it on me & not on you. You have your religion I have my religion.”

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