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‘My Husband Always Leave Our Bedroom Every 12am Midnight, I Followed Him and This Is What I Saw’ – Lady Share Her Touching Story



A 30-year-old married Nigerian lady known as Ifeoma has recounted her experience of having see what her husband was doing in the middle of the night all alone in their house.

She said that she has been married for 10 years but has not been able to give birth to a single child and this has been troubling her within.

According to Ifeoma in a report by, she observed a trend in her husband’s action as she normally gets out of their bedroom at 12am.

She narrated,

I am here to share my story with you, I am Ifeoma by name a 30 years old lady and a graduate. After my schooling I get married to the man of my dream, he is very rice, he is a good businessman and we were happy to be together after 10 year of marriage. But since the marriage we have no issue to boost of and it didn’t bother my husband as he was quite ok with it. While on my side I was worried and dying inside, how can I call my self a married woman for 10 years and not being able to have a child even if its just one.

After some while I became more worried than I used to be, then I started realizing that my husband have been leaving our bed room in the midnight everyday and comes back 10-20mins later, I never thought it was something serious until when I became more worried about my childlessness, which never really bothers him, He leaves the bed at night and I noticed it most times.

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So I decided to do something about it and told one of my dear friend who have been concerned about my predicament, her name is Blessing she was a very smart girl since childhood, I told her about my husband mysterious behavior and movement at night that I don’t understand, and then she came up with an idea, told me to try and place a camera in the room that he always goto after figuring it out.

I did as we planned but after seeing the result I was shocked, I won’t have believed that my husband could do such a thing.

That night, as usual, my husband left the bedroom. I woke up from my bed and searched my camera to see if there was something I could see but I didn’t get what I was looking for. I decided to go there and check it out on my own. On my way to the living room, what I saw surprised me.

I saw my husband dressed in black clothing, and there were various colours of candles and different colours of clothes. He didn’t see me, but I was so afraid of running, so I told him what he was up to. Then I went back to the bedroom with my eyes closed and laid down.

As he prepared and left for work the next day. I acted as if nothing was wrong because I don’t know what he do to me if he finds out about it. I went to my parents house and showed them what I saw.

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My parent went with the police, and my husband was arrested, taken to the police station, and humiliated until he admitted that he was behind our childlessness, and I’m supposed to forgive him. He said he’s so sorry for what he did to me now.

In another news, a woman disclosed that her 17 years old daughter has been behaving and doing weird stuff as well as locking herself up in her room every two days.

The mother of one also added that every two days, she locks herself up in the room until the next day. She never comes out to eat or do anything throughout the whole day. She wouldn’t also tell her mum what she does or why she behaves like that.

The curious mum hid a camera in her room for the next two days to capture her secret actions and she was shocked at what she saw. Her daughter had joined the cult, she was captured holding a ball of light and chanting strange languages.

The single mother who makes it possible every time to be with her daughter despite her demanding work to direct her in order to make good decisions and not join bad friends has now joined the cult. She took to social media to ask for help.

What should she do now? Kindly share your comments with us.

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