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MUST READ! Nigerian man explains why women should stay away from men during menstruation



A Nigerian man from Imo State has sparked a debate online after he advised women to stay away from men during menstrual period.

The man said the ladies monthly “flow is an anti spiritual poison which brings down a man”, therefore telling to stay away from their partner..

The University of Lagos graduate, further said women who have sex with men during menstruation will face delay in marriage, infertility, many unknown forces and sicknesses.

In the post he made on a popular Facebook group on Thursday, Michael also said that “washing and licking plate” has led to the downfall of many men.

Read his post and some of the replies after he was called out by some people;

Ladies, at time of your menses, keep your distance from men, e get why…
Oya ladies, it’s high time to put you all on hot seat as usual. But first, laugh small. “Dey your dey and dey your house at your issue of blood, no dey dey carry your dey at such days dey bring those dey close to your man. Just dey your dey at your issue of blood”.

Okay let me summerize. At your time of menstrial period, it’s best and safe for you to stay in door. If you have job and work, you still have to know the condition of your work place and kind of place your working.

In nutshell, not every man want To be with a woman at her menstral period, it’s a taboo to allot of men and it’s unclean to most high spirited men. When you hear spirited, it doesn’t mean they are evil. Even if you read your bible very well, you’ll be made to understood, that at time of mentrial period, women where not allowed to come to holy places, they are not allowed to come to strong spirited men, be it from a pastor to a prophet and so on.

Note this, if A woman urine can course damage, then it’s simple to tell you, that her menstrial flow will do worst. Women are powerful, fiscally and spiritually. Only the wise among them, knows there worth. Even at that, going close to men at your menstrial flow, can do you allot of harm. To this I cried to allot of girls who do allot of things for greed of money, on there time of flow, they’ll wash and clean and take them selves to men for pleasure, just to get that money, not knowing that at times like that was the aftermath why most of them after marriage, they’ll find it hard to bear a child, delay in marriages and many unknown forces and sickness becomes the battle they’ll start facing.

You are not caring, is not on this one, accusing your man because he refuse you to come close won’t help you in this one. Saying your suspecting your Man because he ask you to isolate yourself from him won’t help you from this, if your the type who disobeys order from your Man to force your self on him at time of your flow,. Just know your flow could course him Damage, and your future will pay the prize.

Most of you are self centered to love, and when you love a man you don’t want to know his bindery, you becomes deaf ears to what ever be a taboo to him, and this is how you shorting your life and for your stubbornness, when you violet such order, some men will rule you out of there life because if you careless of a simple instruction, then, if you where told such will lead to there death you’ll simply do it to ensure he dies.

If as a woman you hate to be corrected, believe me you won’t find your self a real man, but men that will dance along with you and many more along the line while they’ll still play you with other women. A principled man, has it limit to what ever he does an a principle man, has it forbidding and things not to do. Even most married women will tell you, at your flow, let your husbands know, so to know how to get with him, and if you have a separate room at such, if your man is such a man, be the one to do his food at such time, such type of man will forbid you making his food.

Every man should be spirited, washing and licking plate was something new to our community and this are why allot of men are down the griddle, knocked out of glory and even as they get to rise, things becomes worst for them. It’s your right to lick and wash plate, but one things is this, as a man have you ever thought of your authorities and Where they do come from? Your tongue.

I love you, I don’t love you, is not on this one. Not voodoo, nor juju. Allot of men are spiritual in life that they don’t need such a woman at her menteial flow to come around them at her time of flow. If you at your flow you wash your thing and ask a man to wash and lick your plate, you deserves to be stoned.

When you disobeyed this as a woman, you’ll course yourself harm that will ruin your future, or you’ll ruin the man of the better person in him that should be of good benefit for two of you.
Your flows as a woman, washes out allot from your body and it’s work both ways, cleansing of the spirit and that of the fiscal health. This is the attribute of your flow. So, stay off men at time of your flow or face the constituency of your stubbornness.

A woman flow, is an anti spiritual poison which brings down a man. If you don’t obey your man, he have every right to kick you out of his sight because, it’s not everything that should be explained to a woman. Samson did it and how was his end?, the same woman he thinks he loves so much, was same who sold him out.

“If you are my woman and violet such order with me, that will bring the end of our road. I careless who you are. My life and safety comes first. Don’t tell me about love when it comes to matters of life and death, or best you give your love to another. Keep your menses far away till your healed. Some things are never told and if your opportune to be told about it, then be grateful. Value your life and know your bindery. It’s very important. Abeg, dey your dey. # DwonMichael”

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