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Money Rituals or Politics – What really killed Zim businessman Ginimbi? (Proof)



Juju or Politics – What really killed Ginimbi? A lot has been said about the death of Ginimbi real name Genius Kadungure who was one of the richest young men or should l say men under the age of 40 in Zimbabwe. Genius Kadungure known for his flashy lifestyle had caused so many controversies during his time on earth.

Rumours of him being [email protected] and also of using juju rocked way even his death and he never seemed bothered by them. Up to his death many believe he used Juju to obtain his money hence he had no wife at his age 36 and with all the riches he had.

Some are claiming that his Juju is the one which killed him and the other three were just collateral damage. The businessman raised eyebrows with one huge question of why he wasn’t married an this all linked to the Juju part many people speculated on.

Then there is the political side of it. As we all know Ginimbi was associated with former VP Chiwenga’s wife Matty Mubaiwa-Chiwenga. He also had a tight relationship with Pokello who is linked in a love triangle with one of President Mnangagwa’s son.

This all came back pointing to a way that he may have been taken care of political and if you listen to the audios below you might get the picture, but at the end of the day the man is gone and dead.

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