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‘Men Should Be Forced By Gov’t To Marry Many Wives’ – Nigerian Lady Cries Out (Video)



Men Should Be Forced By Government To Marry Many Wives’ – Nigerian Lady Cries Out In Viral Video

According to this Nigeria lady, she will be very happy if the Nigerian government forces men to marry as many wives as possible.

The yet-to-be-identified lady revealed that the government of the beautiful African country should enact a law that will force men to adhere to it strictly, thus marry two or more women.

According to the young lady in the video privy to, there were 300 babies in the hospital, out of which 250 were girls and the rest, which she said was 5, were boys.

Well, she is going viral, not even on her stance on polygamy, but her mathematical error as she continued to mention that 5 is the remainder when 250 was deducted from 300.

She even advised women to encourage their husbands to take more than 1 wife.

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