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Meet 10 Popular Nigerians Who Abandoned Christianity For Islam [Photos]



Relive conversion is a transition of religious affiliation, in the vision of the future and in identity. In turn, the conversion process dialectically defines (and sometimes changes) which entities people migrate to and from.. There are some Nigerians below who for reasons known to them, converted their religion into Islam.

1. Adunni Ade

Adunni Ade is a nollywood actress who was allegedly raised and brought up in a Muslim family but who changed her faith for reasons which she knows profoundly. She once said that she and her siblings had been granted the right to choose the religion she wanted to belong to.

She went on to state that her mom, stepmom and stepmommes were all Christians while her step-brothers were Muslims, which became obvious after publishing a posting on her Instagram account on April 26, 2020, about her religious transition.

2. Moji Olaiya

Late actress was the daughter of the Nigerian-born singer, Victor Olaiya, who has been and still is well known for her work in various kinds of Yoruba and English films. In 2014, she converted to Islam, and reports that an Islamic burial was given to her during her funeral.

3. Fathia Balogun

The born Fathia Balogun, a Nigerian actress who acted in different genres of films, has been reported to have come from a Roman Catholic background, but her conversion of religions was apparently the result of her meeting and marrying her fellow actor, Saidi Balogun.

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4. Laide Bakare

The famous Nigerian actress grew up in a family of Christians, married her Christmas spouse first and subsequently divorced him for some known reasons. It was later recorded that she married the Muslim Alhaji Tunde Orilowo, who had to turn her faith from Christianity into Islam into an Alhaji’s wife.

5. Lizzy Anjorin

Liz Anjorin is a popular Nigerian actress who sues her former husband for divorce as a single parent. She has reportedly been conversion to Islam in 2013 after she was converted and given Aishat to herself.

6. Liz Da Silva

Liz is an actress from Nollywood who has two citizenships as Togolese and as a Nigerian due to birth, and officially converted to Christianity in 2013 after birth, Liz says she preferred to be named Aishat rather than Christian.

7. Vivian Metchie

It was recorded that Vivian converted her faith into Islam, after her crushing marriage and, due to her disease that had almost taken her life, she had often claimed that she had converted when all of her friends abandoned her and that Iyabo Ojo was the only one to support her.

8. Lola Aloa

The actress who was born in Nigeria confirmed she was a Muslim family and on 19 July, 2016 at the Islamic Propaganda Academy of Nigeria (AIPN) her transformation to Islam was revealed which gave the latter her the Muslim name of Rhodiat.

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9. Bukky Ajayi

The lateness of a veteran actress, who was born and raised into a Christian family in Nigeria in the early eighties, was later converted to Islam and adopted the Muslims name of Zainab. She was buried according to Islamic rites and died in 2016 at the age of eighty-turn.

10. Mujahid Dokoubo-Asari

Mujahid Docubo-Asari is the chief of the Niger Delta army, who as a Dokubo Melford Coodhead Junior is one of the high court judges of Nigeria, seeking more influence over the oil resources.

Asari was admitted for further training in the Law Department at the University of Calabar, but left the University of Rivers State University for the third year because he had issues with school authorities and had the same problem. In that time he changed his name from Christianity to Islam.