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Man fingered a 5year old girl till she started bleeding, as mother tries to negotiate with him



In a news that was shared by a concerned Twitter user this morning, a man in the FESTAC town of Lagos State has been accused of fingering a five year old girl till she started bleeding from her private part.

The narrator made it known that while the girl’s mother rushed her to the hospital, the girl was still bleeding and when they contacted a policeman at the Police station near their house, the woman was told to bring money of which, she could not afford it and lieu of that, she and her husband opt to settle the case amicably with the man who defiled their daughter.

Meanwhile, while they were still negotiating the matter with the culprit, a man who shared this on his Twitter got there and called some police officers he knows to help him handle the case, even though, those ones also collected recharge cards and tips from him before taking it up.

We urge women to always handle their children especially their female children well because, evil men might be watching them till they have the chance to strike.