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Man divorced for demanding too much s£x from sick wife



Man divorced for demanding too much s£x from sick wife.

A Zambian woman has been granted a divorce from her husband of seven years after complaining about his “bizarre s£xual appetite”.

The 42-year-old woman filed for divorce from her husband, 45, claiming they had irreconcilable differences “because of his unusual s£xual demands.

The fed-up mother of two claimed that despite her being advised to cut down on s£xual activities and heavy duties due to illness, her husband still demanded s£x from her, which only exacerbated her illness.

In his defence, the man claimed his wife had tarnished his image locally and with his family by airing their s£xual problems.

After hearing arguments from both parties, the magistrate presiding over the matter granted the woman the divorce, telling the father of 11 to get his “life in order” and “plan a proper future for these 11 children” rather than prioritise s£x and drinking.

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