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“Let Him Go Back To The Streets”- Akothee Chases A Disable Man Away After Nasty Fallout (Details)



Singer Akothee has abandoned a young disabled man, Shadrack Mwita, who she had earlier rescued from the streets and given a home. In a series of lengthy Instagram posts, the single mother went on a rant sharing reasons why she clashed with Mwita leading to their fallout. Akothee started by saying she had realised that not every needy person needed help as it was business for others, adding she felt stupid for reaching out to everyone who needed help.

“Not everyone on the streets needs help, accommodation, or medication – this is purely business for others. I am beating myself for having a big stupid heart to talk, help, and reach out to everyone whom I think needs my help. The singer said welcoming Mwita to her home led to a strained relationship with his brother and disclosed that Mwita had lied to her about being 18 years of age.

Akothee said a month after the man got his prosthetic leg, he started misbehaving by failing to clean the home she had rented for him and she received numerous complaints from the landlady. The mother of five said he was jealous of her offering to help other disabled people and even went against her orders. He finally revealed that he had a family. “The following morning Shadrach refused to take breakfast. He then broke the news that I should go build a home for his grandmother and finally his family appears with demands. I was shocked and broken beyond repair,” Akothee said. This was because the young man had earlier disclosed that he had no family member alive which happened to be a big lie.

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Akothee moved him out of her mansion and rented another house which was also going to serve as a shop but he later abandoned his house, sold his household items, and moved in with another family. The musician said she recently got a call from the family Mwita moved in with, claiming she had abandoned a disabled man after he broke his prosthetic leg. She ordered them to take him to Associate for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK) but he never showed up until recently when she was called by the Children’s Office saying she had abandoned an 18-year-old needy boy.

Akothee wrote: “I have never given birth to a child with the name Shadrack Mwita. I have my two boys in France and my three girls. They are well behaved and taking care of themselves. Don’t ever call me regarding any Shadrack Mwita, I don’t know him nor his family. Let him go back to the streets where I found him.”

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