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Major problem For Nigerian Students



There is a clear indication that the eight (8) months old strike that academic staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have embarked on since March this year.The students from all levels were very eager for school to resume because of their different reasons, some might have got tired of sitting at home doing nothing, some might have been thinking of the friends and loved ones they’ve got very intimate with at school.While many are concerned about how the strike is prolonging their stay in the school, because for the final year students this strike is causing a lot of harm to them, some of the might have graduated long ago if not because of this strike.But the main problem the students are going to face when they resume is economic problem, some might have heard about the current difficult economic situation in the country and the economic hardship inflicted by the Coronavirus pandemic.Some have not tested how things are currently expensive in the market. It obviously known to students that even before the covid19 pandemic, things in our campuses are more expensive that other place.Students must understand that, the monthly stipend given to them may not increase, and the price of food stuff in the market have skyrocketed.The main problem they will face now is how to balance up.May God make it easy for them.

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