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Islam Or Christianity; Here’s The True Religion Of US President-elect, Joe Biden



There has been heated arguments about the real religion of the Democratic Party Candidate in the November 3rd US presidential election and the newly elected president of the United State, Joseph Robinette Biden JR.

Biden with Muslim Leaders.

While many Nigerians argue that he is a moslem and uplifts the Islamic virtues, others particularly his supporters has always maintained their stance that he is a proud Christian.

After an intensive investigation, I have come to the conclusion that Joseph Biden is indeed a Christian and belongs to the Holy Roman Catholic Church, the most populated church in the world. He has in-fact in many occasions travelled to the Vatican to meet with the Supreme Pontiff and titular head of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.

Biden With Pope Francis

An Irish Catholic educated by nuns in parochial schools, Biden’s understanding of his duty as a politician and a Catholic is clear: Decisions are to be informed by the faith he learned from nuns of his youth, not dictated by it.

“I’m as much a cultural Catholic as I am a theological Catholic,” Biden wrote in his book “Promises to Keep: On Life in Politics.”

Biden is also said to be a friend of Islam. As he notably said when he was declared elected, “I will be a President for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not”. He is coming to unite rather than divide.

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The argument above started when group of Trump fundamentalists who believe that Trump is the only one stopping the clock of Armageddon from ticking on. They believe that as soon Trump ceases to be President of the United States of America, then, the Antichrist will manifest and the big trumpet will sound. For this set of people, they believe that God will find a way of keeping Trump in power so that the forces of darkness will not take over the world.


My response to this has always been that those who believe this, do not really know their Bibles well. A Christian’s most important prayer is for this system of things to end, so that God’s kingdom will come.

This is why in Our Lords Prayer, we have this verse; “Thy Kingdom come”. While I do not believe that God bothers himself about the politics of the world, I believe that God would rather allow someone who would accelerate the coming of His kingdom to a man delaying it.

What are your thoughts?

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