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IPOB: We’ll drop the Biafra agitation if… (Details below)



The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has declared that it will instantly end all agitations for an independent state of Biafra if certain standard democratic norms are embraced by the Nigerian government.

The group’s spokesman, Emma Powerful, made the declaration while responding to the question whether the emergence of a president of Igbo extraction in 2019 can end the agitation for Biafra.

He said, “Nothing can make IPOB back down from this divine quest to restore the lost sovereignty of Biafra. Only the will of the people, clearly expressed during a referendum. We hear Nnia Nwodo, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Igbo governors and Abuja-based errand boys, that we ignorantly refer to as politicians or elites, tell us South East and South South people do not want Biafra, which is a lie.

“There is only one way to establish the truth and settle this matter once and for all time. That is referendum. If we lose in a referendum, we stop the agitation for Biafra same day. The will of the people is what must prevail under this and every circumstance.”

On the possibility of coming to the negotiation table with the FG, IPOB maintained that Nigeria is not yet civilised enough to understand what dialogue means.

“Neither are they known for keeping to the terms of any agreement reached. Name one agreement Nigeria entered into that run it’s course. They think we are for settlement, how mistaken they are. We will only consider meeting them through a reliable third party or mediator.”

Powerful continues, “History tells us that all conflicts end up on the conference table. Bearing this in mind, we will be willing to discuss with civilised, sensible parties on how best to speedily facilitate the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria. Many nationalities in the Middle Belt are on the brink of annihilation due to incessant Fulani terrorist attacks. It is a condition that is clearly unsustainable. The best way to go is referendum.”

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On the alleged IPOB offensive and violent approach to self determination, IPOB denied and dismissed it as lies and fables peddled by the FG to justify their serial massacre and brutality against IPOB.

Emma Powerful said, “It is very sad and unfortunate that people don’t know the meaning of the phrase ‘violent approach’. Violence doesn’t need dressing up in convoluted grammar because a situation is either violent or it is not. What Fulani people are doing is violent. What the Nigerian Army dominated by Fulani men are doing is violent. Those of you peddling the myth that IPOB preach violence are the same Abuja rented boys and slaves in the mould of Ukpabi Asika. They will do and say anything to please their Hausa Fulani masters in order to hold on to political power and privilege. The same way Britain imposed unwanted corrupt men as Warrant Chiefs across Biafraland during the colonial era is exactly the template the North adopted in the aftermath of the Civil War to dominate, control and subjugate Igboland and the rest of Biafraland. Have you heard of any Emir, Sultan, Governor or politician from the North condemn Fulani herdsmen who are actively killing people on a daily basis? You know the answer to that. Only in Igboland will a washed out, completely useless politician, beholden to Abuja for his dear life, rise to the position of a leader. No other society will accept such anomaly. IPOB is not violent and we don’t intend to pick up arms anytime soon, when we do, the world will know.”

On why IPOB launched an Hausa radio service, Powerful said, “Hausa Service of Radio Nigeria, mind you NOT Radio Biafra, was launched in response to the failed attempt by the Nigerian state security service (DSS) to infiltrate and destroy IPOB from within. The Nigerian Government created a parallel radio station which we have since renamed Radio Buhari International to reflect its true ownership. They proceeded to launch another radio on shortwave frequency with our sacred name. Both stations are based in the US. They named a non existent person the leader of the great IPOB and claimed our leader and founder, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has been replaced by this nonentity. It was at this point we decided late last year to launch a Hausa language service to take our unique enlightenment to the oppressed ethnic minorities in the North because no enlightened society can swallow such junk. There is quality information deficit across the North which this Hausa radio service run by IPOB, on Shortwave, will address.”

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He explained why they settled for Hausa, instead of any other Nigerian language.

“We chose Hausa language because the majority of those at the receiving end of the falsehood propagated by the cabals in the North are their fellow core Arewa Northerners. Educating the impoverished, down-trodden masses of the North to understand the evil being committed in their name is important -the most important assignment today. We are convinced that mass illiteracy and lack of access to unbiased information is the reason a majority of Hausa Fulani people live and die in abject poverty and ignorance while their ruling class loot and accumulate all the wealth accruing to them. Hausa Service of Radio Nigeria will provide a different perspective in news coverage and analysis that will liberate the masses of the North from centuries old stranglehold of the Fulani ruling class. Put in simple terms, the Fulani hegemonic rule over Indigenous Northern tribes has come to an end with the advent of this Hausa Service radio station,” he said.

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