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I sleep With Fresh Dead Men Once Per Week! Married Nakuru Woman Confesses – See Her Reason Below



There is a lot of madness that goes in different parts of the country, some natural while others are human-invented or as a result of human pressure.

In the world we are living in today, it is safe to say that there is more evil that there was 20, 30 years ago.

The “YOLO” generation has come with a lot of evil deeds which include bizarre stories now becoming a mainstay in newspaper headlines, a matter that has become worrying.

Five years ago, a married Kenyan lady only identified as Rose shocked the guts of many locals after openly confessing that, for the last three years, she has actively been having regular s3x with fresh dead men in the mortuary.

The woman who called Hero Radio spoke of the incident like it was nothing big at all.

She confessed that she uses quite a number of s3x gadgets like prostate massagers, dildos, and plugs to try on the dead men she has s3x with.

Questioned why she engages in the despicable act, she explained that it is because of the monetary and material rewards she gets once she does the s3xual rituals.

The confession from rose shocked many people who wondered how on earth she would do this yet she was married for seven years.

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It is her husband who would follow her when he noted that his wife always walks to a mortuary once per week at around 9 pm.

“I go to see fresh dead people,” she said adding” that’s my work.”

“I go there so that I could get sleep with them so that I can get money…”

How did she get into it though? Cate said that she went for rituals to get financial breakthrough when they were suffering with her husband.

She was introduced by a friend and she was told that she has to have s3x with fresh dead people for three years.

She has a trustee mortician who she pays Sh5,000 every week to be allowed to do this and she has everything she wants in life.

“I sleep with dead people to give me money…”