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“I Only Said They Have Started Again” – Man Who Was Assaulted By Police Officers Speaks Up (Video)



A video went viral hours ago and it showed how two Police officers assaulted a passerby due to an unknown reason at that time. The individual who was recording the way one of these officers landed a slap on the victim’s face was not that close to the location so the video couldn’t pick up what these officers were telling him.

Meanwhile, the man who was assaulted by Police officers was later traced by concerned citizens who wanted to know the reason why these officers were beating him in the video. They later found him and they asked him to narrate what transpired between him and the police officers that beat him.

Watch video below;

In his words, this man said

“I was coming back from where I went to buy something and I saw these two Police officers dragging an Okada rider, I only walked past them and said they have started again. This was when two of the officers approached me and started to tell me to repeat my words while beating me. I didn’t do anything wrong, I only said they have started again and they started to beat me”

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The concerned citizens who were asking him these questions said that did he get the names of those Police officers so that they can take it up?, he said that he didn’t look at their names.

He explained in the video that he didn’t do anything wrong, he only said that “they have started again” and then the Police officers left the okada rider and approached him over what he said.

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