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I NEED HELP! “I Am Engaged But I Am Addicted To My Ex-Boyfriend’s D*ck, It Is Too Sweet” (Video)



I am engaged to be married soon and my ex-boyfriend has been disturbing me that we should have s*x one more time.

This man has been on my case for almost one year disturbing me for goodby s*x so I said okay.

Last week I went to his house and we had s*x. I had forgotten how good his d*ck is, he put mentholatum on his d*ck!

He promised me that he was going to use a condom but he removed it halfway into the s*x.

This man f*cked my soul out of my body and since then I don’t even want my fiance to touch me.

Now the table has turned, I am the one begging him to come and scratch my cli*oris and he is forming busy.

I even apply mentholatum on a dildo and used it, but I didn’t feel anything close to what I felt with my ex.

Please help me ooo, I am not even married and I am already cheating.

This d*ck will kill me ooo

What should I do?

Men, please explain the reasoning behind putting mentholatum on a d*ck and Ladies, have you experienced mentholated d*ck before?

WATCH: Help!!! I Am Addicted To My Ex

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