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“I Give You One Week To Divorce Your Wife and Marry Me OR” (Shocking Chats Below)



Cheating is one of these few things that destroy relationship within a short period of time. Whenever one of the partners discovers that the other partner is cheating on him, the relationship hardly survive. An aggrieved Nigerian wife has shared the conversation between her husband and his girlfriend who wants him to leave his family and tie the knot with her.

According to the chat as shared by The Nation Newspaper, the husband is searching for a way to leave the marriage and marry his girlfriend. The lady told her married lover that she is tired of his excuses, he should just leave his wife and get an apartment that they can stay together.

But it seems like the man is adamant to do what she asks for, he told that he can’t leave his wife and children without any obvious reason, he needs an evidence first. The furious lady told him she can’t take it anymore, therefore she gave him one week to divorce his wife and marry her or else never call her his baby again.

“I gave you one week to do what I asked you, or else don’t ever call me your baby again.” She writes. Below is the screen shot of the chat:

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