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I Can’t Keep It No More, I Must Confess Now He is Dead -Majority Leader Drops Shocking Secrets



The majority leader in parliament who is also a member of parliament for Suame Constituency has finally revealed how he participated in the PNDC government when he was a student leader at KNUST.

In an interview with Angel FM Kumasi, the popular politician and majority leader in parliament disclosed that when JJRawlings took over through a coup detat, his administration took Ghana through tough times since the method that he was using to clean the system was not good.

He added that it got to a time where it was difficult to get soap, toothpaste, and other basic necessities for human survival since JJ Rawlings decided not to go to IMF for loans.

JJ Rawlings arrested all the military officers when he took over through coup detat and since he wanted to clean the system from corruption, he picked students from the universities of which he was part of them to govern with him.

I was working with the Rawlings government at the time I was at university all because I and other people at that time were fed up with the corruption that was going on at Acheampong’s government.

We as students at that time were happy when JJ Rawlings came to clean the system of the rot of corruption that was going on at that time and for that matter, we rallied behind him in everything.

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I can’t keep hiding this no more and I must confess now that JJ Rawlings is dead, I was part of the people who shouted on top of their voice, “let the blood flow “.

I said that because JJ Rawlings told us at KNUST when he met us that the Bible says without the sacrifice of blood, there is no forgiveness of sins and for that matter, if the military officers they had arrested are not killed, Ghanaians will never forgive them.

When he said that we all shouted let the blood flow which triggered and made him killed the famous firing squad of which Acheampong, General Akufo, and the rest were all part of it.

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