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“I Can’t Condemn An Elder For Chopping More Ladies If We’ve Not Condemn Solomon For Having Thousand Of Wives And Concubines” – Rev. Obofuor



Founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Reverend Obofuor has said he is in no position to condemn an elder for chopping more ladies if Christians have not condemn King Solomon of the Bible for having many wives and concubines in thousand..

It is recorded in the Christian bible that, King Solomon of Israel had 700 wives and 300 concubines, which totals to 1000 women to himself. It is also recorded that, God was still by his side despite having numerous women and he God also blessed him with wisdom that his kingdom became powerful in riches and in knowledge surpassing all kingdoms.

According to Rev. Obofuor, the bible does not tell God opposed King Solomon womanizing behaviour and so, he believes God approved for the King to have many women and for that reason, he too cannot condemn church elder for chopping many women.

However, he also said if God punished King David for killing the Israeli soldier Uriah’s wife, then he as a reverend of God, can also condemn and speak against men who go for married women.