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Ginimbi’s ‘Girlfriend’ Moana Broke Love Charm Rules – Leader Of S*x Workers Union Claims



Leader of s*x workers union in Masvingo, a city in south-eastern Zimbabwe and the capital of Masvingo Province has said Moana broke the love charm rules given to her thus why she and her ‘boyfriend’ were involved in the fatal accident..

Recall earlier reported the death of Ginimbi and Moana together with other passengers in his Rolls Royce while they were returning from her birthday party at his night club.

According to her, Moana broke the rules of a love potion she bought from Isaac Makomichi, an outspoken Masvingo cleric. Apparently, he has been heavily accused of failing to guide and protect Moana on the rules of love potions.

The leader of the s*x workers union put made a post on social media saying

I’m not defending the prophet but only God has the grace to save life. The other thing is that I think Moana broke love charm rules. We use that herb to attract rich people but it has a rule that one must follow. Some prominent people come at night to collect the herb.

This is the time to stand with the prophet. May the souls of the departed rest in peace,”

Makomichi is yet to respond to these accusations as his P.A claims he is having a hard time with his cell phone.

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