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“Ginimbi Never Used Juju Neither Did He Buy His Coffin” – Friends Speak



Friends of the late Zimbabwean millionaire, Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure have said he never used Juju as speculated, he was a hard worker and a legitimate businessman who acquired his wealth through no foul means.

Ginimbi died last Sunday when his Rolls Royce crashed into another car before hitting a tree and bursting into flames. He died together with all three passengers including his friend, Mimi Moana whose birthday they attended on that night..

Reacting to the news of him being an occult, his friend, Brian Nyanyiwa who claims to have worked with Ginimbi since he started his hustle in life discarded all allegations leveled against him. According to him, none of the stories peddled in the media space is valid.

“I worked with Ginimbi from scratch and he was doing well with his business from the start and he started rising to fame so, what people are saying that he used juju are lies meant to discredit him even in his death.”

Tazvi Mhaka, who is also a friend described Ginimbi as a mentor to the youth and a legimate businessman. He fears the stories speculated about his late friend will paint a bad picture of him to the youth who loved him.

With Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure
“What would the young generation think when people are saying things like these were gotten through juju,”. “Ginimbi was a hard worker and an inspiration to many people in the country. They must not think that every rich man’s source of wealth is juju.”

Tino Tumbare, rubbished the claim that Ginimbi bought himself a coffin prior to his death.

“People should not be misled into believing those rumours,” he said. “It is false that Ginimbi had prepared for his funeral arrangements and there is nothing like that. These are just rumours that there is a coffin in his house. There is nothing like that.”

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