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Forget President Buhari These 5 Men Are By Far The Most Wicked Men In The History Of Africa, Read What They Did



These men are really brutal and these are just a few things that they did in their respective countries, so if you think that your president is wicked then you should read about these men.

The number of deaths blood on their hands will leave you wondering if they were killing humans for food, that’s not the case though but that doesn’t change the fact that they did a lot of evil.

1. Idi Amin of Uganda.

This is one helluva brutal ruler, he caused a lot of deaths and hardship in Uganda, if you check what happened between 1971 and 1979. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost, when you hear hundreds of thousands I’m talking about over three hundred thousand lives, these peoples deaths were terrible am it was all because of one man.

How can a ruler destroy and take lives of his own people in this manner, the numbers are really high.

2. Joshua Blahyi.

This man also had much power in Liberia in the 1990s, Joshua Blahyi will always be remembered for what he did, I don’t mean for the good but for the atrocities and deaths, he took great part in the Liberian civil war. By virtue of his involvement in the war he claimed thousands of lives, not one thousand or two thousand but approximately twenty thousand deaths are of his doing.

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This cruel man led drunk people dressed like ladies or naked to war, I wonder what the reason behind such actions are. Our president might not be the best but he is surely not the worst, at least he hasn’t led intoxicated men to war.

3. Bosco Ntanganda.

Nicknamed the “Terminator”, when you hear this name you can start to imagine all the evil he must have done to earn such a notorious name, the blood on his hands are so much that it almost reaches a total of 1 million death. He is just 200, 000 death short of 1 million, this makes him responsibile for the death of approximately eight hundred thousand people.

Apart from the deaths he also didn’t regard humans so he violated human rights.

4. Jean Kambanda.

Jean Kambanda is really wicked and this cannot be overemphasized, did you know that he helped in a genocide by supplying weapons, as it stands the death of 0. 8 million humans can be tied to his hands, this was in 1993 – 1994.

According to sources he could have helped prevent the assassination of the then Rwanda president but he did nothing to stop it, how can you do such to your president especially when you swore to protect him.

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5. Joseph Kony.

In Uganda Joseph kony was used to set up an army of children and it was called the Lord’s Resistance army, children did join willingly, which parent will want to give their young children up to join the army? The children were actually kidnapped.

These kids were abducted in thousands and the lot of them died through war. Can you imagine what some men who have power and authority can do?

From this list of 5 men Uganda seems to have a trend as more than oe of this brutal men is from their country and they are responsible for the death of so many people in Uganda.

Has President Buhari done anything like what these men did?
Check out this video of Idi Amin of Uganda.