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For The Past 75 Years He Has Been Living Inside A Machine Till Today; See Why



Born with Polio, Paul Alexander has been surviving by living inside a machine for the past 75years.

According to report, Alex based in Dallas was one of the victims of the 1952 polio outbreak that infected not less than seven thousand children in the US. Medical support was given to all the affected families and the children were provided with iron lungs, a machine made specially for polio patients to aid their respiration because they found it hard to breathe.

Many of the children who were placed on iron lungs recovered in a matter of weeks, but sadly, Alex has never been able to recover and still lives inside the machine till now.

Doctors around the world have tried to find a solution to his condition, but all their efforts have not yielded any positive result, leaving Alex with no option but to live inside his respirator to survive daily.

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