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Few Hours After She Converted To Christianity, See Why Muslim Lady Left Islam And Her Photos



Muneerat Abdussalam is a famous and popular Hausa YouTuber. She has thousands of followers on social media. As from her name, Muneerat Abdussalam was initially a Muslim lady. She converted to Christianity some years back.

Muneerat Abdussalam has become very popular on YouTube because of her adult videos. She uploads most of her YouTube on sex and adult drugs. She has more than one hundred and seventy YouTube subscribers. Her videos are very popular on YouTube and she got a lot of viewers.

In the past, some Muslim men called people to stop watching her videos and disbanded her from Islam. Later on, Muneerat Abdussalam came in public and announced that she had converted to Islam.

She urged people to forgive her and promised to be a good Muslim woman. Two years after her conversion from Christianity to Islam, Muneerat Abdussalam posted on all her social media handles that she left Islam.

According to Muneerat Abdussalam, from the time she posted the announcement she left Islam, and she is no longer associated with Islam. She further said since she reconverted to Islam she got many insults and death threats.

The screenshot of what she said can be seen below.

There are a lot of reactions from people after she announced that she left Islam. Here are some screenshots of the reactions below.

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