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Father And Daughter Caught Red-Handed, Mother Said I’m Aware – Details Below



A public servant and his daughter shocked resident s of the entire community of Baraka area in Nanyuki town in Laikipia County where they were caught red-handed having intercourse which looked clearly consensual. The incident reportedly happened early this year.

According to the sister in law she had visited the family abruptly and caught him lying in bed while his daughter was shamelessly sitting on his manhood and they both were passionately enjoying sex. She then screamed out of surprise and attracted the attention of the neighborhood before she subsequently fainted. The incestuous culprits then dressed quickly and seemed to have wanted to run. When she finally got consciousness she finally called her sister and mother of the delinquent girl who had gone to pay a visit to her parent’s put of town to narrate the incident to her.

However, to her utter, the girl’s mother scolded her that she must mind her own business. She was reported to have said she has always been aware of the situation but chose to protect her marriage by keeping quiet, knowingly how violent her husband can get. Apparently, the woman asked her sister why she really wanted to destroy her marriage. The neighbors expressed disgust with the situation and the fact that the girl was found on top of his father is reason enough to believe the lass had consented to her father’s lust.

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People really did not believe such an incident can happen in society. Others who were still standing on the scene whispered that why did the husband behave in such a manner yet there were plenty of women who would offer even free sex and which depended on how he was to express himself. Others would say there was nothing to regret in the incident as the daughter really seemed to be loving the life of having sex with the father. According to the norms and societal expectations of people from the area, when such an incident happened, there were traditional rituals that were to be done for cleansing purposes. The angry mob wanted to call the police but that was not the best option according to some of them.

One man came up with the idea of taking the two to a renowned herbalist for some advice and herbal rituals to cast such instances from happening again. They contributed transport and other money to facilitate their visit to Dr. Mugwenu for the cleansing rituals. Dr. Mugwenu performed the rituals and the two were free once more for the curse would not haunt them in the future. The story was being monitored for sometimes and the wife narrated that the husband’s behavior of having sex with her daughter was no more as Dr. Mugwenu had really sorted out things for all.

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He treats various diseases like leukemia, syphilis, and others just within 24 hours’ time. He helps many marriages from wanting to break and bring them to life through his herbal experience in solving marriage issues