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Fan Recounts How Chacha Eke Looked Like When She Last Saw Her At A Traffic Stop In Abuja



An IG user identified as Owenz Shuga who is also a fan of Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has narrated her last encounter with her..

Owenz claimed she met the beautiful actress at a traffic stop in Abuja with her husband who was handsomely dressed. According to her, Chacha Eke wasn’t looking at all and believes there is still something lingering in her marriage that she has refused to let out of the bag.

Owenz opined that Chacha Eke is faking her smiles in photos of social media. This comes after Chacha Eke announced that she attended the burial service of Prof. Ezeala at Umuaka Njaba LGA of Imo State over the weekend.

Why faking it huh???? D day I saw u at traffic in Abuja I felt so bad u weren’t looking Gud at all and husband was handsomely dressed it’s really disheartening u knw

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