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Faithful Women Cheat Only For This Simple Reason (Reasons Below)



Everything can be dated back to that Tuesday evening when Julius left his apartment to buy groceries for the night. “You must be the photographer”, a soft voice said smiling. “You look better in person”, she continued. “Okay, so you mean my photos look bad? “, Julius replied smiling. The lady stretched her hand and introduced herself as Shakilla. Julius was thrilled to learn that the lady didn’t really mean his photos were bad but rather it was just her way of getting his attention. Shakilla was a young lady that was passionate about modelling, as she told Julius. Julius shared contacts with her so that she could call whenever she needed photographs to help her in the modelling career.

It was then the following Sunday evening when Julius received a text from Shakilla. He wasn’t shocked when he read the text as he was used to it. It is part of my job and I love my job, that is what he used to tell himself whenever one of his clients needed this kind of service. He read the text again, ‘Nitakam kesho, nataka kuchukua seductive pictures for my Instagram’.

They agreed on the price and they were to meet on Monday the following day. In that afternoon, as expected, he heard someone on the door and it was Shakilla. She was dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie in her upper part of the body. She really looked s**y.

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They made themselves comfortable and the work began as soon as Julius led her to another back room where it’s walls was filled with beautiful pictures. Just as Shakilla wanted ‘seductive pics’, it was achieved by getting to lesser and lesser clothing.

It was just after a few photos that Shakilla had to be in her bikini dress. This revealed her curves and this made Julius feel pressure mounting up deep inside him. At one moment as Julius was positioning Shakilla in a stool chair for the purpose of having a perfect shot, Shakilla revealed her true self.

She grasped Julius and kissed him by the mouth.

Julius felt even more pressure but he just felt relieved when thoughts hit him and just remembered that he had a break up with his girlfriend a week ago. The only thing Julius could tell us was that he recalls Shakilla digging her nails on his back as they were having a really ‘good time’.

A few weeks later Julius received a job offer from one of his clients. His name was Dan and Julius was tasked to ensure that cameras kept rolling on this special day of Dan’s wedding day. Julius was later shell shocked when he discovered that the bride was Shakilla. He got a chance to spoke with her and Shakilla gave her this one answer. “We have been in a relationship with Dan since the first year of college and I needed to taste something new before my wedding”, Shakilla said while smiling.

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