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Dear Men, Your Woman Is Cheap If You See These 6 Signs in Her



There are a lot of problems with keeping a relationship, Also maintaining a relationship is very hard and this is because that woman you love so dearly might be too cheap for another man to easily gain access to her. Dear Men, Here are signs that A woman is cheap.

1. If your woman still find it difficult and uncomfortable to fart in your presence then it is a clear evidence. When you closely dated a woman for six months, and she hasn’t farted in your presence, then such a woman is capable of keeping secrets. Tue man should conscious of such girl.

2. If a woman is not easily satisfied in bed. If she is a s.3.x Maniac, then there is a need to worry because it is obvious that she would turn on other men for satisfaction.

3. If your woman is not financially dependent then it is an obvious sign that she is with you because of your money. If a woman is with you because of what you can offer her, then she is cheap.

4. If your woman never calls you with the Card you send her, then she is too cheap. Most female only falsh, and even when you send them card, they still won’t use it to call you.

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5. If your girlfriend borrows money from you all the time without paying back, then it obvious she is using you as financial aid. Such a woman is too cheap and could be easily bought by money.

6. Any woman that steals from her man should be considered cheap. If a woman wants something from her, she should ask for it but when she steals, then it is obvious she is too cheap.

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