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Davido Angrily Blast Fans Who Honoured Peter And Paul Of PSquare’s Birthday Invitation Separately



The FEM hitmaker Davido has angrily reacted to people who honoured Peter and Paul’s birthday invitation separately.

According to him, its unwise to people to have help Peter and Paul to celebrate their birthday separately..

He continued that, they are twins and therefore needed to be treated as such not helping them to continue their beef with each other.

Peter and Paul have been at longer heads with each other and needed to be brought back together.

If fans helps them to do their things separately, it wont be able to bring the twins back together.

In his own words he stated

Y’all niggas that wen to Peter and Paul’s bday separately y’all pussy as fuck!! Them niggas is TWINS !! Not my business but Shit hurts I’m angry Walai

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