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DANGER!! “I Think About Suicide Everytime I Remember The Death Of My Husband”, Woman cried out – Widow Of Policeman Killed In Rivers State –



A widow of one of the policemen, Sergeant Swawale Ornan, allegedly murdered and burnt beyond recognition by members of the Indigenous People Organisation of Biafra also know as IPOB in Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State ring revealed her ordeal after the sad passing of her husband.

In an interview with the Punch, Mrs. Blessing Ornan revealed how she got the shocking news of the death of her husband and how suicide has been steering her in the face.

How many children do you have?

I have four children – three boys and one girl. The eldest child is 14 years old.

How did you hear about your husband’s death?

My husband called me around 7am that evening and even spoke to our children.

Which day was that?

It happened on Monday, October 20, 2020. When he called, he said he was on a special duty. He said he was part of a special group being taken to where he was going.

He asked me to pray for him because whenever he was going for any special duty, he never knew what would happen there. So, he usually called to inform me and asked that I pray for him. I prayed for him that he would go and return safely and that nothing would happen to him.

After our conversation, he also spoke to all our children. Later that evening, I called him but his number wasn’t available. The following day, I called again.

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When did you call him the next day?

After our conversation, I called him around midnight because I usually wake up at midnight to pray and I usually called him to know if he was not busy so that he could join me to pray if he was not at home. I called the number, but the line was not available. So, I called again in the morning and the line was switched off.

It was later that my husband’s brothers came to my house to say I should take some of my clothes and follow them to their place.


I told them I had been trying my husband since but his line had not been reachable and that I didn’t know what happened. I said I was supposed to call and hear from my husband before following them. I tried his number again, it was still switched off. My brother-in-law saw some of the chickens I was raising and asked if they were mine.

When I said yes, he said I should sit down. He asked me if I had strength to receive the news he wanted to give and I said yes. He said I should not be angry. He then asked if I was aware that my husband went for a special duty, I said ‘yes, what happened.’ He said my husband was shot and that he was dead. I said, ‘What, just like that?’

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Where was he serving?

He was serving in Port Harcourt while I stay in Adamawa State. He rented a place for me. I am here with his parents and some of his brothers are in Adamawa, too. They usually come to see how our children and I are doing.

How long were you married?

December 23, 2020 would have made it 17 years of marriage for us.

How would you describe your husband? What kind of person was he?

Wow! My husband was a nice man. He didn’t drink alcohol. He was very nice to me. Many people knew my husband to be a gentleman.

When you heard the news of his death from his brother, how did you react?

I felt like killing myself. Even now that I am talking to you, I feel like killing myself because I loved my husband and my husband loved me.

He sent me money in October and said I should repair my chair before he would come in November. He said if they paid him his salary, he would come. I don’t have any option but to accept my fate.

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