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Check out the armed robber that was sentenced to death for stealing 10 Naira



Nigerian government have been trying their best to be civilized but their major hindrance is corruption and all sorts of criminal activity.

There have been many notorious armed robbers in Nigeria, they include Anini and co.

Although they where apprehended and killed, most of these criminals stole millions of Naira.

The unforgettable court sentence is sentencing an armed robber to death for allegedly stealing 10 Naira. I know this is confusing, funny and unbelievable but the truth is, it is a true life story.

Shortly after the notorious kingpin of armed robbery in Nigeria, Ishola Oyenusi, was executed, his second in command, Isiaka Busari, better known as Mighty Joe

Mighty Joe is a dismissed soldier who was known as a notorious man who robbed and kills people recklessly. He was a big terror to Lagos residents the the Federal Capital. Hi

He was nabbed in 1973 after robbing a hotel bar attendant, Michael Osayunana, of the sum of N10 Naira Although the N10 Naira was too poor but remember that Nigeria had just changed from using the Pound to Naira, and that was quite a huge sum of money back then. In fact, one could buy a brand new 504 Peugeot car with that amount and still had some change left. He was apprehended and sent to kirikiri.

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On June 6, 1973, Mighty Joe was escorted with several police officers with him to the Bar Beach where he was executed in front of millions of people present

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