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Can You Try This In Nigeria? See What This Woman Did To Trump That Got People Seriously Talking



There are some certain things you can do in America and get away with due to the fact that they respect and practice freedom of speech and freedom to some certain things so long it does not go against the law. But In all honesty, not everything you can try in Nigeria because you might end up getting arrested even when you are entitled to freedom of speech.

A picture surfaced online, based on that you can see what this woman did to Trump that got people seriously talking. The woman flips off (hold up her middle finger) to President Trump as his motorcade makes it’s way back to the White House after a stop at their campaign headquarters in Rosslyn.

Based on that, people have been reacting to it and someone reacted by saying: “Can you try this in Nigeria?” See screenshot below.

But in all honesty, can you try this in Nigeria and go scot-free? Based on what this woman did to Trump, and the reaction, “Can you try this in Nigeria?” What do you think?

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