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BRUTAL! The Heart Of Man Is Wicked, See What This Serial Killer Did To His Victims Before Killing Them, You Will Be Moved (Video)



When stories of serial killers killing their victims are heard, it makes one wonder if they have emotions at all and also makes one question if anyone deserves that level of gruesome acts.

Also considering a place like Nigeria where most of its citizens are frustrated, one would simply assume that people should have a particular level of empathy.

Sadly, that is not the case as there are several cases of kidnap, rape, murder amongst many others.

A serial killer named David West was arrested and he confessed to killings, with most of his victims being discovered to be s*x workers.

The investigations carried out showed that he usually strangled his victims in the hotel room. Usually, it was reported that he usually had s*x with his victims before binding their arms and feet with strips of white sheets.

Then, he would use the sheets to strangle them.

It was reported that his strategy was that he would lure his victims by claiming to be a military officer. He would then promise them a huge amount of money for their time, so they would agree to follow him. When he is able to do his evil work, he would threaten them with a knife which would prevent them from raising an alarm.

Before he eventually killed them, he confessed to robbing them of money, ATM cards and other valuable

One of his victims was, Jennifer Nwokocha, and she was said to have arrived at Port Harcourt from Lagos to celebrate her birthday.

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An investigator said;

“They met at the hotel where she was staying and had drinks, exchanged numbers and met up later in the night where she met her death. We found the victims naked, bound with a white strip of cloth on their ankles and arms and neck.

Although there is no concrete evidence that points to some form of ritualistic killing, I personally believe it was connected to such.”

Altogether, he was said to have killed nine women and fortunately for one of his victims, she escaped but didn’t show up at the court.

There was also one of his victims who survived and she was identified to be Benita Etim, a 23-year-old s*x-worker.

The girl described her terrible experience with him saying;.

“He cut the bed sheet into strings and bound my hands and legs to the chair and used another strip to tie my mouth.

“I shouted but nobody heard me because he had turned on the volume of the TV and the power generating set was close to the room,” she said. I begged him not to kill me. At this point, he left the room with my phone and never returned.


She managed to remove the gag out of her mouth and screamed for help the next day. That was when the hotel staff found her the next day.

Somehow, no one showed up either to testify against him as regards the death of the other women David had allegedly killed. Because of this, he was not charged for the death of these ones.

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When the Police began to suspect him, they had a close marking on him and then he was seen on CCTV trying to leave Port Harcourt for Uyo. He was found in a commercial bus.

Looking into his background, it was noted that he was born into a polygamous home but he and his mother lived in a different house. He was also said to be a part of a mafia-styled street gang that sprung out of the armed militant groups.

His actions were said to be erratic and a journalist said that he even interjected the judge at the court.

“He was quick-tempered, always interjected the judge, and tried to defend himself despite having a lawyer,” the journalist said.

It was discovered that David West always used low-cost hotels, with poor security and without CCTV cameras,

Of all the victims he had killed, it was said that it was the father of only one of them that came on the opening day of his trial.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to death by hanging. One sentence that is said not to be common in Nigeria.

One cannot really explain why this man was committing this evil act but it is simply an evil act of wickedness.

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