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Blend Banana and Cucumber Together, Then Drink It On An Empty Stomach Every Morning. See What It Does



We all know banana provides Engery For The body and boost the immune system. Cucumbers are also gives Rigidity to the Bones and Teeth. In the modern world today where everyone is at risk of picking up Diseases from your house, schools and environment, it necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Mixture of Banana and Cucumber allows that and gives us other health benefits.

Allow the peeled bananas to freeze overnight to help create a creamier texture. Then put it inside a blender and blend into liquid form. Add a good amount of water to the mixture then cut the cucumbers into circular shapes.

Drink 1 cup on an empty stomach in the morning after waking up.

What Does It Do To The Body

1. Provides Energy For The Body.

This Mixture is a good source of Carbohydrate Sugar so it provides the body with a good amount of energy.

2. Boost The Visual Sensation

This Mixture contains Vitamin A, which plays a role in Visual Sensations and also prevents eye defects like Cataract, Myopia and Astigmatism.

3. Keeps The Skin Hydrated

The Mixture provides water, Vitamins and Minerals for the skin which Prevents Ageing and gives it a good Appearance.

4. Maintains Adequate Functioning of the Gastro intestinal tract

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This Mixture helps to maintain easy movement of bowels along the walls of the gastrointestinal tract. It also prevents constipation which is the passage of hard stools from the body.

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