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Baby becomes famous on the internet after feeding his little sister, cleaning her body in this video



A brother has demonstrated love in the way he took care of his baby sister in a short clip that has gone viral
In the video, the brother gave his sibling food through a feeder even when his mom said she was not hungry
Many tweeps were amazed by the love and kindness of the brother as they said he makes having a baby attractive
Babies are just always pure at heart, arguably they are a perfect reflection of what humanity should be. A baby brother has become popular online after showing his baby sister utmost care.

In a clip that has been watched thousands of times, the brother fed his little sister. When their mother told him she was full, he disagreed.

After his mom told him he was doing a very good job, the boy did a fist bump with her. It was such a lovely thing to watch.

Just when you think that is all, another section of the video showed the brother cleaning his sister’s feet while she was sleeping.

The baby sucked on the feeds her brother offered her.

@jaylabrenae giggled behind the camera, telling him “she’s clean”. The brother, however, would not have any of that as he continued with his duty, and went as far as cleaning a part of her cheek.

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Below are some of the reactions to the post:

@DeatraDBranston said:

“These kids me make feel my feels! It’s the compassion, ready for duty, brotherly love for me. This is exactly what I needed to see on this Election Day. If for a moment I don’t have to face reality, all is good in the world being able to watch this. Thank you for always sharing.”

@candy76_lor said:

“What a beautiful clip. He is taking great care of his little sister. God bless them.”

@MakeedaRoberts said:

“I keep telling myself no kids right now but Jayla you’re making it very dam*n hard.”

@bajaxprincesa said:

“You have to show them these videos when they’re older.”

@i_iyanz said:

“I’m ready to have my own kids, too cute!”

Meanwhile, Edujandon earlier reported that another baby brother showed empathy. In a viral video, the toddler calmed his sister down in a funny but effective manner that delivered a good result.
As babies are wont to do whenever they need attention or in need of something, the baby whined nonstop until her brother stepped in.

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