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Alaba International Market Big Boy Turned Land Grabber And Team Stripped, Beaten To Death (Graphic 18+ Video)



An Alaba International Market businessman has been stripped and beaten to death in Anambra State by an Oba angry mob.

The man known simply as Agbalu Sia Ngene, according to the story reaching us abandoned his booming business in the international market and opted for his hometown, Oba, where he became a land grabber.

Edujandon gathered that he would also involve the use of charms while carrying out this heinous act.

Agbalu sia Ngene and his armed cohorts will use any means necessary to make sure that they carry out their terror act on people.

We spoke to an Oba indigene, who spoke anonymously, he said ‘people are still astonished and can’t yet come to terms as to what really led him to abandon his booming business in Alaba International market for this sick act against humanity.

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